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Alleviate Financial Burden

  • Final Expense is a controlled cost that is paid until the time of death.
  • Final Expense coverage will typically have a low monthly cost.
  • Our plans are easy to understand.
  • Our plans offer permanent protection for individuals on fixed incomes.
  • Our plans pay the death benefit to the beneficiary typically within days.

We have carefully curated Final Expense plans that help alleviate financial burden and confusion at a time when emotions are high and decisions need to be made.

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How Final Expense Works

  • Funeral Costs: Things like a casket or urn, flowers, a headstone and burial plot, plus printed programs and musicians for a memorial service are all additional costs to a funeral’s basic packages.
  • Government Assistance: Currently, Social Security will help dependents cover funeral costs by giving them a one-time payment of $255, an amount that has not changed since 1937.
  • Left Over Debts: Beyond the funeral, there will likely also be debts and medical bills that need to be dealt with. And monthly household bills don’t simply vanish with death.

Final expenses can be challenging to talk about, but preparing for final expenses helps ease your family’s burden in a time of grief. Our plans are simple, guaranteed funeral insurance policies that cover funeral expenses with payments that never increase. Peace of mind has never been this easy or affordable.

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